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Our Founding Members

Prof. John Knight

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Frank Hwang

Chairman Frank Hwang believes in academic collaboration between the east and the west, as well as lifelong learning experience for all. He rallies highly qualified academics and professionals from afar to further their studies at Oxford, including those who are specialised in the fields of net zero economic development, new energy, and translational medicine. Frank is also a St Edmund Fellow of the Hall.

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John Knight 
Former Academic Director 

Professor John Knight inspired the establishment of the OXCEP at the Hall and, as its founding Academic Director, successfully guided the OXCEP team through various challenges and developments over the past decade. John also functioned as the Course Director of the annual OXCEP Economics, Public Policy and Management Course since 2014. In addition, he was responsible for organising the OXCEP distinguished speaker lectures, forums, symposiums, and other related events. 

Keith Gull
The Principal
(2009 - 2018)

Professor Keith Gull was Principal of St Edmund Hall from 2009 to 2018. The OXCEP was established under his leadership in 2013 and had grown strong with his full support thereafter. Keith successfully initiated the OXCEP Academic Medicine Course in 2016 and well organised the annual Course in 2017 and 2018 prior to his retirement. 

Helen _edited.jpg
Helen Xiaowei Chen
Administrative Director

As the founding Administrative Director of the OXCEP, Ms. Helen Xiaowei Chen witnessed the successful materialisation of her idea to further liberate the most valuable educational resources of the University of Oxford for senior academics and professionals from around the world, which would have otherwise been impossible due to the lack of a novel international educational platform. Helen has been the linchpin of the OXCEP administrative operations since its inception, as well as the Chairperson of the OXCEP Scholarship Committee.

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Robert Wilkins
Senior Tutor

As the Senior Tutor of the Hall Professor Robert Wilkins has been highly supportive of the OXCEP events and activities, especially the OXCEP Academic Medicine Course. He has been the Supervisor of the Course since 2018. Robert also provides the OXCEP with his able guidance on various OXCEP scholarships and fellowships for the members of the Hall. He takes on the Academic Directorship of the OXCEP in February 2024. 

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