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Mission and Vision

The Oxford Chinese Economy Programme (OXCEP) is an apolitical task force established at St Edmund Hall in May 2013, with its mission to facilitate Oxford’s study of economic developments in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Chinese communities elsewhere around the world; to provide senior academics and professionals from the territories with further education opportunities at Oxford in economics, public policy, management, academic medicine and related fields, utilising the University’s rich and unique educational resources; to support Oxford graduate students and career development fellows in various disciplines with scholarships and fellowships; and to help sustain and upgrade net zero economies in the territories, benefiting from Oxford’s knowledge and experience in green economy. 


Since its inception, the OXCEP has successfully organised various forums, distinguished speaker lectures, visiting studentships, visiting fellowships, international academic visits and conferences and, as of 2023, made available further education opportunities to 362 senior academics and chief executive officers in economics, public policy and management, as well as 200 senior medical academics, clinicians and researchers in academic medicine, from 11 countries and regions of the world. Meanwhile, several graduate scholarships and career development fellowships had been awarded to Oxford University students and junior researchers. During the pandemic, the OXCEP had also successfully helped Taiwan secure its first ten million doses of the desperately needed COVID-19 vaccine at cost from the Oxford-AstraZeneca partnership. 


Given the track records of its great success and continued growth over the past decade, the OXCEP has demonstrated the feasibility of its mission that remains unique, exclusive, and beneficial for many in Oxford and beyond. 


Since the University of Oxford contributes enormously to the UK economy and its knowledge exchange activities support a substantial number of full-time equivalent jobs, the OXCEP plans to help its associated major universities across Asia adapt a range of the Oxford University strategies and activities for improving economic impacts in their respective countries. So that a centre of academic excellence can also be a powerhouse of economic development. 


The OXCEP envisions itself as a global platform for lifelong learning, where the best educational resources of the institutions of higher learning around the world can be further liberated and shared, for promoting sustainable economic development of the globe through equitable education with fairness and inclusion in all our societies. 

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